Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is NOT Vacation

So 15 days in, a lot of us are still in that phase where this kind of feels like vacation, like we might be going home in a few days.

Wellllll, it is definitely not vacation. Not when I look at this stack of books.

I mostly just try to ignore that as much as possible until it's absolutely necessary. For example, I have a 15-minute presentation due next week in my International Organizations class. Hm.

I'd much rather share photos like this, however.

This is the view from the bridge we walk across to get to Old Town/Promod/Spring Brothers/etc. Until I figure out how to put high-res images on this blog, you'll just have to trust me that these pictures are not doing Geneva's beauty any justice at all.

I can't remember if this was the same evening or not. You can't see it in this frame, but there are several gigantic cranes that appear to be so permanent in Geneva that they are lit up every night. So sweet. I am sorry about how awkward I look here but that's just what happens when I am around cameras.

The rest of the weekend was definitely a bit of fun. We spent Sunday morning regaling the night's events, and my abs hurt afterwards from laughing so hard at our antics.

In a chocolate update, my favorite chocolate so far is the .75CHF bar from Coop City. Even the cheapest chocolate here is more delicious than what we have in the States. I might stay forever.

Also, I am loving me some Kent State Program housemates. And some clementines and Nutella. And views like this. This is what I see from my window. Oh, Genève.

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